"Damn, (he) could really use a razor or something..." - Dashie upon seeing Park without clothes

"I'm coming home, Lisa." - Park's final note in his notebook

Description Edit

Waylon Park is the protagonist played as in the Outlast: Whisteblower DLC that Dashie played for his gaming channel back in mid-2014. Waylon's in-game notes reveal that Waylon is less cynical and fearless as the protagonist of the original Outlast, likely because he has a family (two sons and a wife).

He tends to frustrate Dashie easily, especially when Waylon was about to pull himself up onto the roof of the asylum, but instead hesitated, and fell around three storeys into the Asylum's Vocational Block.

Story Edit

Waylon records all the illegal doings and events at the asylum the game is set in with a battery-powered camera that contains an infrared light feature that allows the player to see in the dark with a green hue (although this uses a lot of battery power). He uploads a video file to the internet and goes on the run from the Murkoff Corporation, the company running the asylum (the full story of the company is way too complicated and long to be posted here).

While in the asylum, Waylon has to escape a cannibal, Piggy-Piggy Dude, and a creepy-ass dude - Eddie Gluskin.

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