"Triple Shits!!!" - Dashie

Triple Shits are Dashie's tertiary archenemies and the main antagonists in Dashie's Geometry Dash series. They are a line up of three triangular obstacles, probably being triplets, who make it impossible for Dashie to jump over resulting in rage and frustration.


Triple Shits
Death by Triple Shit
Dashie getting killed by Triple Shits
Vital statistics
Position Obstacle in Geometry Dash
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Status In Use
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"Triple Shits" are Dashie's tertiary archenemies and are an obstacle encountered in the game 'Geometry Dash' which Dashie currently regularly plays for his gaming channel, DashieGames. Part of the game is to avoid obstacles such as spikes by methods of jumping or sliding, and the game itself is very difficult and causes Charlie episodes of anger and frustration frequently. What these "Triple Shits" are is when an occurrence of three spikes appears in a row for the player to jump over, and is difficult due to the length of the spikes being just under the length the player can jump, and you have to time it very correctly to jump over the long distance of spikes. These causes Dashie frustration for their difficulty and often locations near the end of the stage when he is doing a run with no checkpoints. The 3 spikes are what hence the name "Triple" (as in 3) "Shits" (spikes). Also, in the title of one of his episodes of Geometry Dash, he called a set of three small spikes "Baby Triple Shits". Overall, this phenomenon is known all across his channel.

While the origin of the term stems from Geometry Dash, Dashie routinely refers to any group of three objects as "triple shits," such as a trio of Moons in Super Mario Odyssey, or three consecutive razor blades in Super Mario Maker. This is not to assume, however, that the term is limited to Mario games.


Triple Shits have appeared in every single Geometry Dash episode uploaded on the DashieGames channel. In Episode 7 of Super Mario Maker, a level called "Quest of the Triple Shits" was played, featuring sets of three consecutive sawblades.

A thumbnail featuring miniature Triple Shits


  • By the 14th episode of Geometry Dash, Dashie stated that Triple Shits are no longer a problem but this remained temporary as the Triple Shits continued to antagonize Dashie.
  • Triple shits began to anger Dashie at 5:20 of THE RAGE IS REAL! [GEOMETRY DASH] [#05], and this is the birth of the name, "Triple Shits."
  • A song was sung by Dashie during Can't Let Go in Geometry Dash where Dashie sings, "Watch out for them Triple Shits."
  • While these Triple Shits are most preferably classified by the name, any other enemies that are lined up in three would be called triple shits by Dashie. However, these are the most preferred to own the name.