*Reads message* "Look who's back. I've been trying to reach you - H-hold up, is that... Tina?!" - Dashie, MORE LIKE SUPER RAGE! [SUPERHOT] [#2].

Description Edit

An unseen antagonist that only Dashie seems to know. She is an enemy from his past. According to his latest video, "THIS F#%KING GAME BROKE ME!! [SUPER MARIO MAKER] [#96]" where he made a fail joke, it said, "I heard you and Tina were back together." This confirms that Tina is an ex-girlfriend of Dashie's. WELCOME BACK TO SUUUP.... SUPER MARIO MAKER!

Dashie already promised during a GTA Live Stream he gonna explain the story behind tina... There's a chance this will be during an upcoming Live Stream in the future...

Examples Edit

  • In WHAT IN THE F#%K IS THAT!? [NBA 2K16] : "...AND WELCOME TO NBA 2K SIXTEEN-AAAH!... I knew a b*tch named Tina..."
  • In THIS IS A F#%KED UP B-DAY GIFT LMAO!! [SUPER MARIO MAKER] [#43]: *Heavy breathing*... Tina... Okay Drew, I see you".

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