The Thief is the playable character of the indie video game that Dashie has played called Sneak Thief.

The Thief engages a guard,
Vital statistics
Position Protagonist
Age possibly 20's
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Average
Weight Unknown


The Thief is a professional criminal who seeks to acquire large amounts of money through robbing places. Barely nothing is known about the Thief; his early life, personality and name are unknown. The Thief is a silent protagonist; he does not make any noises. The only things known about his appearance is that he is a young Caucasian male, perhaps in his 20's. He travels using a black sedan.


The Thief, while only a normal human, is an efficient criminal. He has a capacity for great stealth, though his success mostly relies on Dashie's efficiency. The Thief is also proficient in combat if his cover ever gets blown up, able to handle a small variety of melee weapons and firearms. He shows no remorse for killing guards, showing that he is a cold-blooded killer.

Weapons at his disposal

The thief does not carry any weapons when he goes to rob his targets. This puts him at a disadvantage, as he has no way of defending himself from armed guards (with the exception of fleeing) until he finds a weapon. The following is a list of weapons the Thief has used in Dashie's gameplays.

  • A hammer.
  • A short sword.
  • An AK-47 Assault Rifle.
  • An Ithaca 37 Shotgun.
  • A Beretta 92 Pistol (sometimes fitted with a suppressor).


In Dashie's first gameplay of Sneak Thief, the Thief manages to rob a house, taking with him 56140$ worth of valuables, despite resistance from the house owner. After that, the Thief robs a bank, escaping with 1016080$ worth of valuables, mostly gold bars. Dashie tries the third level which takes place in a luxurious yacht, but fails due to the heavily armed guards.

In the second episode, Dashie completes the level after numerous tries. Dashie had managed to steal 138050$ worth of valuables. The Thief's next target after the Yacht was a mansion, though more armed guards and deadly traps deny Dashie's victory.

In the third episode Dashie succeeds in completing the mission (with much difficulty), with a score of 427140$. Dashie is unable to complete the next level, Diamond Heist.

In the fourth episode, Dashie plays a new medium-difficulty level that came in an update, called The Collector. The level takes place in a museum-like building with lots of artifacts that are worth a lot of money. This level is easier than the Yacht, Mansion and Diamond Heist, mainly due to the small number of guards who are not even armed with firearms. Dashie completes said level with a score of 882150$. Dashie then takes on Diamond Heist again, but fails.

In the fifth and last episode at the time of writing, Dashie impressively manages to complete the level in one try, with a score of 1247960$. As Diamond Heist was the level of the game, Dashie obviously has no other levels to try and complete anymore, and the series can be considered over unless new levels are added.