The Ghost (invisible) brutally murders Piggy-Piggy Dude, who is on his knees in pain.

Character Summary

"The Ghost" is the nickname Dashie made for The Walrider while playing Outlast because he didn't know he was called The Walrider, and the nickname sort of just stuck. "The Ghost" is actually a machine made of nanite cells (these cells are controlled entirely by a character called Billy, if a cell in Billy dies a cell in the Walrider dies. Damaging Billy damages The Ghost, and the player's final mission is to kill Billy to subsequently kill The Ghost.) This floating cloud of incredibly powerful machines shares the same characteristics as a ghost. The Ghost was released and killed security, scientists and patients, as well as releasing them (Billy hoped for revenge, and released almost all of the Variants.)


OUTLAST [PS4] [GAMEPLAY] #02 - At the end of the video in a cutscene, The Priest shows the player security footage of soldiers being brutally murdered by The Ghost. This is arguably his first ever appearance, not that Dashie noticed.

BIGGEST JUMP SCARE! OUTLAST #07 - When Dashie exited the Male Ward and outside late on in the video, "The Ghost" wandered around The Courtyard looking for victims. Dashie stated: "Yo, they got spirits and shit out here now. I know it."

OH HELL NO! OUTLAST #08 - Early on in the video, Dashie opened a door and The Ghost blew past the player, hurting the player a little and startling Dashie, causing him to scream into the microphone.

TOO DAMN DARK! OUTLAST #09 - When the player falls through a hole Dashie sees The Ghost, and later The Ghost blows by an opposite door, frightening Dashie.

STRONG ASS GHOST! [OUTLAST] #12 - This is The Ghost's most durable appearance in an episode. The Ghost appears out of an Exit, and chases the player at around the 10 minute mark. The player is ambushed by Piggy-Piggy Dude, almost killing him before The Ghost kills Chris; either for fun or for him to get out of his way. He is ripped to pieces, causing blood to go everywhere, leaving Dashie at a loss for words.

Appearances in Outlast: Whistleblower DLC

SCARIEST SH#T EVER!? WHISTLEBLOWER [OUTLAST] #01 - The Ghost appears a few times in the gameplay trying to kill the player. Dashie states after an encounter from The Ghost: "I wasn't ready for that y'all." The Ghost appears a once in "GOT ME F#%KED UP! [OUTLAST] [WHISTLEBLOWER] #02" and a couple of times in "CREEPIEST S#!T EVER! [OUTLAST] [WHISTLEBLOWER] #03". It's the last time "The Ghost" is seen.