The Arkham Knight
Vital statistics
Position Leader of vast Militia trained to capture Batman
Age 26
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6'0"
Weight 200 lbs

The Arkham Knight: "Look at me while you die, Batman. Look. At. Me."

Dashie: "What the fuck, this bitch is crazy!" -The Arkham Knight to Batman/Dashie.


The Arkham Knight is one of the main antagonists in Batman: Arkham Knight, a game which Dashie plays for his gaming channel. The Arkham Knight is a mysterious new enemy to Batman. He knows Batman's tactics and has a high-tech army which makes him a dangerous foe to the Batman Villains gallery. His suit mimics Batman's suit and is very high-tech. Arkham Knight has beaten Dashie (at the time of writing) three times.


  • Dashie says Arkham Knight looks like "Optimus Prime's little cousin".
  • Troy Baker, who voices Arkham Knight also voiced The Joker in Arkham Origins and Robin in Arkham City.
  • The Arkham Knight is revealed to be Jason Todd, a previous Robin who was captured and tortured for years by Joker, thus fuelling his revenge.
  • In Batman: Arkham City, Joker exclaims to the new Robin "Didn't I kill you already?" However, he was lying.