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"What up - it's Dashie, and welcome to Super 3D F*ck Sh*t Mario B*tch Rosalita Hoesa! - Typical Dashie intro.


Super Mario 3D World
Season N/A, Episode N/A
Vital statistics
Air date December 6th, 2013
Written by Nintendo/Dashie
Directed by Dashie
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Super Mario 3D World is a game released by Nintendo for the Wii U for the Super Mario series that Dashie plays for his gaming channel. Some characters include Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad and Captain Toad. Throughout the game, the player has multiple collectibles to gather, which are all necessary by the very end of the game. These collectibles include Stamps and Starahs (Green Stars).


Bowser kidnaps some fairies (or "Little Hoes" as Dashie prefers to regularly call them) and takes them into a different kingdom. Mario and the rest of his friends have to save them and collect Green Stars along the way. Once the player has completed this main mission there are a lot of extra levels to try and complete that are extremely frustrating for Dashie and a character to unlock called Rosalina from a previous Mario instalment. To unlock the very final level the player has to get every Stamp, Star and reach the top of every Flagpole at the end of each level. Dashie had to stop playing the series because of his inability to complete that task, but after a fan called Chris sent him his Wii U and save file with the final level unlocked, Dashie could try it out again; but drew the line on the series and ended it after a couple of gameplays of him trying to complete the final level, his reaction to the final level and a gameplay of him trying difficult levels on his own saved game again, before presumably ending the series.


  • This game is extremely long and it took Dashie a year and half after uploading infrequently 31 videos for the series.