"Yo, this game kind of fire, I'm not gonna lie!" - Dashie


Spiderman: Web of Shadows is a video game for old-gen consoles about Spider-Man and his fight to stop his Black Suit taking control of him, New York and his friends; or they will be gone forever. Dashie has started playing it on Sunday's occasionally, and fans hope he will continue to play it, as many of Dashie's fans have played and enjoyed the game when they younger. The second gameplay alone has topped 40K likes in a week, which is a lot more than Dashie's recent or old routine videos, and even rivals Life is Strange. It is likely Dashie will continue playing the series, as he has a lot of fun playing it and it has received a lot of good reception from his fans. Reception for the series is so positive, a previous employee who to be on the team that created the game, sent Dashie an email showing his gratitude and nostalgia from when he used to be making the game after Dashie's second playthrough. Each part he releases, the more quickly the like ratings go up as well as how many like ratings the video gets as well, similar to Life Is Strange.


The game starts in the middle of an alien invasion. The alien at hand is a extraterrestrial parasite called "The Symbiote". If infected, the person or hero infected receives great reflexes, super strength, the ability to climb walls, have their own powers intensified, a limited supply of webbing as well as an increase of intelligence and the ability to change it's appearance as a normal human being to appear normal. However, all of it comes at a price. The symbiote eventually corrupts the host's DNA with it's own evil DNA, making the host ultra violent and incredibly dangerous. The Symbiote used to have good DNA and good intentions, but after Spider-Man realizes it is feeding off his hormones (which is what the Symbiote does) he gets rid of it, but it infects Eddie Brock, a person who hates Peter Parker and Spider-Man because Peter made Eddie lose his job. Already evil to begin with, Eddie and the Symbiote's DNA was corrupted because the Symbiote felt rejected by Peter and hated him, giving him (Eddie) powers and a very violent personality, with a passion to seek revenge on Spider-Man and Peter.

During the game, Eddie learns he can reproduce the Symbiote and infect others, bringing the city to chaos. As the game starts in the middle of the invasion, a scared and depressed Spider-Man, not knowing what is becoming of his city and himself and whether Mary Jane is safe, starts to tell the player the story of how the city fell into chaos, and how Mary Jane became missing, and how he is starting to lose his personality to the Symbiote.

After the Prelude, which gives the player a taste of how to control Spider-Man, the player starts to play through the flashback all the way until near the end of the game. It starts with a car crash involving Mary Jane, (his girlfriend) caused purposely by an infected Eddie, now nicknamed Venom. Peter arrives on the scene, but is ambushed by Venom and violently beaten badly, until he is barely conscious. Almost about to die, and on the verge of having Venom eat his brains (which he needs to do to survive), the Symbiote breaks off of Venom and infects Spider-Man. This means Spider-Man now has had his health restored, as well teaching Venom how to infect other people, leading to Venom later sparking the early stages of the Symbiote invasion the next night.

Spider-Man and Venom battle, but he later disappears; so Spider-Man checks up on Mary Jane, who is injured and is taken to hospital in the local district area. After she is taken in, a gang war erupts between the Park Avenues gang and the Rolling Sevens gang. It is stopped by Spider-Man and his friend, another hero called Luke Cage, who is very strong, agile and even completely bullet-proof. They spend the day trying to stop the gang war which is very quickly escalating dangerously, as well as Luke Cage teach Spider-Man a few tactics. The gangs agree to parley, and depending on if the player wants to have the Symbiote take over Spider-Man and make him do the bad choice, which leads to the gangs killing each other brutally, or the good canon choice, where the gangs resolve their issues after Spider-Man deduces another crime boss, Kingpin, has set them up. Either way, the gangs violence will subside and the sun will set. Spider-Man then goes off to question Kingpin.

Spider-Man will run into Black Cat and will chase her down and will track her down to Moon Knight's, (another hero) operations base, attempting to steal the Hope Diamond under the orders of Kingpin. Spider-Man battles her. After a while, a frustrated Black Cat will flee the area, annoyed that she is not getting the attention from Spider-Man that she wants. Spider-Man goes to find her, and finds her on her apartment buildings top balcony, setting on the bricked steps, upset. Spider-Man will question her and she will admit her feelings for him, and offers him to team up with her. Depending on the player's choice, Spider-Man will either accept her offer if the player chooses the bad path, or reject the offer and go and work with Moon Knight if the player chooses the good path.

Either way, Spider-Man will spend the rest of the night and most of the following day trying to stop Kingpin's plan to cause havoc on the streets of New York with his army of soldiers, equipped with high-tech equipment and heavy armor, so he can subsequently make money from the destruction of his rival businesses.

After largely stopping the production of some of Kingpin's robots and armor for Kingpin's soldiers when he tracks down Vulture's secret base; Spider-Man learns from his chosen ally that strange things have been happening in New York since yesterday, and was becoming more and more noticeable as time went on, so he should keep an eye out for any weird things happening.

After learning of Kingpin's plan to destroy a very large office building in the center of the town. After fighting off most of the henchmen near the office's side wall, he climbs up to eliminate those on the roof. The henchmen on the roof are brutally murdered by deranged civilians who have been infected by the Symbiote. He fights them off, throwing them off the very tall roof, confident they will survive as that is another power that a human can receive if infected.

The Police will then attack Spider-Man after seeing him throwing people off the rooftop. Afterwards, the city falls into chaos with more infected people appearing. Spider-Man tries to stop Venom but only hinders Venom's progress slightly. He goes to a nearby maximum security prison to release a mad scientist called The Tinkerer to find a way to stop the Symbiotes. When he succeeds and returns to the main city, it is in utter chaos; with SWAT teams, Private Armies, Government Agencies, Gangsters, KIngpin Forces and Civilians all fighting off the Symbiotes plaguing the city, reducing it into a destructive warzone. Spider-Man works with S.H.I.E.L.D (and eventually the Kingpin and his forces once the Tinkerer demands more for his service) to make an ultrasound bomb, that when detonated; removes the Symbiotes from their host without hurting anyone, and causing little overall damage. Depending on the choices Spider-Man has made, such as after battling when his friends or enemies become infected, and how he has acted throughout the game; there will be multiple endings. The canon one, where Spider-Man chooses the Good Path, is where he detonates the bomb and then defeats Venom, who was too powerful to be affected by it, before the city returns to normal and him and Mary-Jane Watson return to good terms with each other. If Spider-Man has been slightly worse but still has acted heroically, the same thing will have happened, except Mary-Jane will be angry at his poor decisions throughout the game. In the bad endings, Spider-Man destroys the bomb, defeats Venom; and becomes the leader of the Symbiotes, with or without Black Cat depending on just how bad he has acted.

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  • Dashie received an email from one of the creators of the game, stating that he enjoys the series and that it brought back so many memories. Unfortunately, the game is no longer available for store purchase, but can be ordered online. This is because the company who produced the game had their contract expired that ensured their partnership with the publisher.