"Let me get a soda!" - Dashie


Soda is Dashie's favourite drink, because it is refreshing and sugary, as well as a good soft drink substitute from


alcohol, given that Dashie does not drink alcohol or smoke anything.

Dashie's love for Soda

Dashie seems to associate soda with psychical thirst, and while talking about thirst he jokes about getting a cup of some Coca-Cola. Some other examples of Dashie's love for soda include:

  • Dashie including soda in rap about junk food, a classic Dashie hit called: 'Milk, Cookies, Soda, Chips', uploaded on the DashieXP channel, a song that can be viewed here, which will most likely be on his fictional mixtape in the year 3022.
  • In a Super Mario 3D World gameplay, Mario received seven consecutive lives at a 1-UP casino. The screen read: '7-UP', to which Dashie responded: "7-UP?! I ain't thirsty!" He then included a picture of a can of 7-UP in the video via the editing.
  • Dashie recieved a giant cup in an episode of Mail Time, stating he will fill it up all the way to the top with some Coca-Cola when he is: "Really thirsty."
  • During a GTA V gameplay, where he is playing GTA Online, playing with one of the homies: JD, they do some missions mainly revolving around the theft of cocaine, and when Dashie sees how the spell it as the slang word for the drug, 'Coke', Dashie jokes about stealing the Coca-Cola because he is thirsty.
  • Dashie made a short comedy sketch about the effects of drinking Monster Energy Drink.