"I wanna get scared for y'all, I want to!" - Dashie recording his first Outlast gameplay


Outlast is an indie horror game developed by a company called Red Barrels, downloadable for the current-gen consoles and on Steam. Dashie downloaded it for his PlayStation 4 and played it as a series in February 2014. He finished the series in April 2014, and played the downloadable content (Outlast: Whistleblower) in May 2014 for around 2 weeks, completing it shortly.


The company running the asylum the game is set in, Murkoff; are running a top secret operation involving Nazi's and the C.I.A.

Secretly working together, the C.I.A are funding them money so that they can get control of the extremely powerful nanotechnology super-weapon the Nazi's produced in World War II. The weapon is indestructible and represents a ghost. It needs a host to survive, and the alive cells in the host's body are mimicked by the Ghost. It is called the Walrider. Only someone who is traumatised enough can activate and control the Ghost properly.

Billy Hope, a patient, needs a water tank to live and cannot take the Walrider out of the asylum, once he gains control of it. He kills everyone using the Walrider, but no-one stops him for the sake of the company. All the patients get lose and cause more havoc. One of the patients, Waylon Park, had only been having the treatment which makes others insane and traumatised for a couple of hours before all this happens. Only a few hours before the breakout, he was detained after they found out he emailed a reporter. Lacking remorse, Waylon grabs a Nightvision Camera and attempts to escape, avoiding the Walrider and other patients. Waylon is played as in the DLC.

In the original game, you play as the reporter, who gets to the asylum following Waylon's anonymous email just as the everything goes down and Waylon is trying to escape. The two get locked in, and try to find a way out as their main goal, while recording and gathering evidence against Murkoff. One traumatised patient, who Dashie dubbed "Piggy Piggy Dude", called Chris Walker, tries to stop the reporter from living especially, as he believes he needs to kill every traumatised patient and potential mobile host so the Walrider ceases to exist. He kills everyone in sight, following the reporter around mostly, as he believes the reporter is a prime candidate who is working with Father Martin, the leader of the cult worshipping and wanting to release the Walrider. While the reporter, Miles; is working with him in a way, he doesn't know it for most of the game. Father Martin locks Miles in, guiding him and traumatising him, hoping he will record the Walrider's power and also control it, telling the world of the Walrider, as Father Martin and his disciples think it is a God. Waylon has a couple of run-ins with Chris, Father Martin and the Walrider as well.

Father Martin tricks Miles into going downstairs into the basement laboratory after crucifying himself. Miles is trapped, and becomes locked in the area with the Walrider and Billy Hope, in an attempt for Father Martin to make him a new host to the Walrider. Chris follows him downstairs and the Walrider kills him brutally.

An ex-Nazi, wheelchair-dependent, very old doctor and genius Doctor Wernicke calls to Miles and confesses to him all his wrong doings while Miles records. The sun is rising around this time in the game. Many of the patients believe the Walrider is Doctor Wernicke's ghost.

The Doctor explains he is not hurt because Billy thinks the Doctor is Billy's father. He wants to die, but Billy irrationally protects him from any possible harm. The Doctor tells Miles to shut down the technology keeping Billy alive so the Doctor can rest and Miles can live to tell the story.

Managing to kill him, the Walrider makes Miles the new host, and Miles's mobility can ensure the Walrider can leave the asylum. Miles is barely alive, and is kept alive even more scarcely when he is betrayed by the Doctor, who sends a SWAT team to kill Miles. He is shocked Miles is the new host and the soldiers and the Doctor are killed by Miles as the screen goes black. The game ends.

A broken-legged Waylon is meanwhile stumbling around looking for the emergency exit. He finds it, and is stabbed in the stomach by the company's C.E.O, who is behind most of it. The doors are left wide open after the SWAT team stormed in, and sunlight floods into the lobby. The C.E.O, wanting to save the company; attempts to kill Waylon until Miles makes the Walrider kill the C.E.O out of pity for Waylon, who he can see has all the evidence with him. Waylon limps out, followed unknowingly to Waylon by Miles. Waylon takes Miles car and ditches Miles, before recovering and uploading his story to a page similar to WikiLeaks, living in witness protection from Murkoff with his family. We can only assume the abandoned Miles succumbs to his injuries and dies, killing the Walrider as well. The story ends there.