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Thursday 31st December 2015

I hope everyone is having a happy new year depending on your time zone. Anyway, I was wondering... why is Dashie now playing terrible games (Super Bullshit Maker, etc.) rather than the actual good series? Such as Spider-Man: Web of Shadows for example. The fuck is Dashie doing? He isn't listening to his fans over the age of 12, and keeps playing Mario and Emily Wants To Play. He is also a lot louder, and it's not funny anymore. I miss the days of Spring, Early 2014 when he was the perfect volume and played good series, such as GTA V and Outlast. But it's as if he is saying fuck all of that shit recently. Can we discuss this shit in the comments in anyone is actually reading, it's fucking me off.

Saturday 26th September 2015

Welcome to the Wiki! Just a couple of things need to be notified to new members.

  • This is a Wikipedia-based website on a popular YouTuber, DashieXP and everything revolving around him. However, some people have been trying to "contact" Dashie from his article on the site. Please remember that he can obviously not notice that. It's easier to just tweet him. It isn't his profile, just a Wikipedia inspired entry of him on a Wikipedia-like website about Dashie and all things related to him.
  • Vandalism makes you look stupid. Deleting people's hard work to write nonsense in a way of speaking similar to Dashie, is very immature and if you are doing that, you must be too young to be on the Internet. Also, it sets yourself and the page up for blocking. Even if you are editing anonymously, your edits can still be tracked. Don't bother trying to ruin this fan-based site and contribute instead if you are that loyal to Dashie you start speaking like him.
  • Ask admins for help, if you need it. Both "DashieXP is a lad" and "BCTheBoss" are very skilled but aren't usually that active.
  • Don't feel scared to contribute. Remember, you can add information to a page or create one as long as it is not vandalism or gibberish; it also must be written formally and with proper grammar. An admin will assess your edit and may fix a couple of things here and there to improve presentation, please do not take offence. If an article or page is very important/subject to frequent vandalism/or have had too much time being spent on being very good and can't be risked to be damaged or lost, the page will be locked so only admins or trusted people can edit them.
  • If this Wiki is interesting you, why not click the "Random Page" button to read up on some good stuff you may have missed or search your favourite element of Dashie or most interesting thing to read relating to him in the comments. Pages don't necessarily have to be requested to be made, it can be made and produced yourself; as long as it's suitable. That will be a massive help.

Thanks for your time!

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