Mortal Kombat: Back To School! is the 11th episode of the Mortal Kombat Animation Series.

Mortal Kombat: Back To School!
Season 2, Episode 11
Vital statistics
Air date 18 January 2013
Written by Dashie
Directed by Dashie
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The episode starts with Raiden and Baraka standing in front of a row of lockers in a school. Raiden tells Baraka to act "like a regular-ass student" so they won't be kicked out. Baraka reminds him that a lot of misfortunes have happened to him because of Raiden's actions, and says that he will not do anything unless Raiden tells him why they are at the school. Raiden tells Baraka that he saw " a cute lil' hunie dip come out the school, so now [they] at the school that she go to school to, so that [Raiden] can spit game". Baraka complains that Raiden could have simply said that they were going to see a girl without going into a lot of detail.

A bell rings, and Baraka warns Raiden that they should go to class because "Ms. Gillicutty don't play that". Suddenly Reptile, who had been invisible at the time, becomes visible and asks what the two are doing at the school. Raiden turns to talk to the audience, asking them if they could add subtitles to Reptile's speech since he could not understand anything that he had just said. Reptile says that it's "fucked up". Raiden then says that it is much better with the subtitles on, and says that Reptile should mind his own business and asks what he himself is doing at the school. Reptile avoids the question and says that now that Baraka is at the school, Reptile is no longer the ugliest person at the school.

Baraka is offended by Reptile's comment, but says that he has no time for Reptile's insults because he has to get ready for algebra and he knows that they will have a quiz. Reptile says that there is a "fine-ass" iguana in the biology class the he tries to dissect before others beat him to it. Raiden interrupts their strange conversation, telling them that none of them go to the school. Kabal appears and lists the lunch specials for the week, spitting everywhere all the while. After Kabal leaves, the girl ("played" by Street Fighter's Sakura) runs and almost slips on Kabal's spit. Raiden tells them to act cool. Baraka says that the girl is atleast 15 years old and he has five words for him: "Sta-tu-to-ry rape". Reptile makes a move on her, attempting to impress the girl by extending his tongue.

The girl is grossed by the act and asks why the clearly adult people are at the school, and says that they look "old as fuck". Raiden is angered by this, and says that he would have done everything for her, like taking her to shopping sprees and massages, and says that it is her loss, before calling her a "stupid-ass bitch". She runs away, and her boyfriend ("played" by Street Fighter's Hugo) barges in, asking what Raiden had told his girlfriend. Reptile tells him to shut up, and that he cannot talk to his homies like that. Reptile gets promptly kicked across the screen, while Raiden teleports away. The screen goes black and the audience groans.

Baraka enjoys the fact that he was not the one to get kicked, but the man drop-kicks Baraka away, too.


  • Baraka, voiced by Dashie.
  • Raiden, voiced by Dashie.
  • Reptile, voiced by Aaron.
  • Kabal, voiced by Dashie.
  • Sindel, non-voice acting role.
  • The girl/Sakura, voiced by Dashie.
  • The man/Hugo, voiced by Dashie.


  • Raiden did not tell Baraka why he needed him to come to the school in the first place. It is not also mentioned why Kabal is at the school also.
  • Based on Reptile's dialogue, it appears that he is a friend of Raiden and Baraka. He says that they are his homies twice, and even stands up to the man for them.
  • Hugo/The man later appears in MORTAL KOMBAT: LOCKED UP! as a prisoner. It is possible that he was convicted for assaulting Baraka.
  • It is unknown how Baraka knew that there was an algebra teacher named Ms. Gillicutty in the school. It is possible Raiden and Baraka were once students at the same school they are at now, though this does not explain why Baraka knows that there will be a quiz on Gillicutty's class.
  • When Kabal is spitting, Sindel appears and puts a "Caution: Wet Floor" sign Kabal's spit. In addition of being a janitor, she is also a cashier and an employee at a clothing store.