"She be looking a little cute, y'all!" Dashie


Max Claufield is a fictional character who plays the role of the main protagonist in the multi-choice videogame, Life Is Strange. She has the power to rewind time by a couple of minutes depending on her energy levels by simply raising her hand and using her mind power. She can also stare at any photo and jump back in time to the year it was taken.


After Max discovers her powers, she uses them to improve her life and different situations at Blackwell. She also uses it to cheer people up by saying the right things and give them helpful advice, even using her power to save her suicidal friend from jumping off the roof. She moves back from Seattle to Blackwell near her 18th birthday and runs into an old friend, Chloe, and they help each other solve the mysteries of the local town and protect each other. So far in the story, Chloe has been shot and Max has been drugged and kidnapped by her seemingly friendly photography teacher; when they deduce Rachel Amber (a missing girl) has been killed by the son of a powerful family and has gotten other girls drugged and raped, and forced to sexually pose for him. Fan speculation is that Max will travel back in time by using her powers to leap back in time through pictures, using the one her and her friend took earlier that night to protect everyone. The next chapter won't be released until soon this month. A lot of YouTubers have produced theories on the events of Episode 5.

Personality and Appearance

Max is well-known for her hipster-like and geeky fashion and traits, as well as her love of photography. She has short, mousey brown hair and has a very shy vibe to her, radiating off the way she acts, talks; as well as her mannerisms. She is very caring and shows affection for almost every person she meets, always wanting to forgive people, resolve conflicts and just generally be kind. Although naturally shy, she can strike up a conversation with a range of different people and will not be too fazed if they are dismissive or rude, she will be passive and try to question, resolve, or accept their rudeness. She can be neurotic at times, sometimes cursing quite often and getting anxious or panicky, even if she knows the issue can be resolved by rewinding time easily.