Lori is an enemy from Dashie's past. Everytime Lori's name appears or is said, Dashie would react the same way he would to Tina. He would breath heavily. Not much had been known about Lori for a while but in the latest episode, I CAN'T STOP DANCING AND FREESTYLING TO THIS SH#T!! [NEW LEVELS!] [GUTS AND GLORY] Dashie rapped about who Lori was after breathing heavily to the name he accidentally said. Here are the lyrics:

Yo, Guts and Glory

Fuck that bitch, Lori

(Breathes heavily)


Okay, Let me tell y'all 'bout the story

Here we go

I met this bitch

This bitch was a bitch

This bitch was a witch

I told her ass to make me a fucking sandwich

She said, "No, ho!"

I said, "That's okay,"

"Can you at least get me a glass of O-Jay?"

She lied, "No motherfucker, I ain't making you shit!"

"Bitch, hold up! I'm just taking a shit,"

"Where the toilet paper at!?"

She said, "We ain't got none!"

That's fucked up!

That's where I punch this bitch and where I got arrested.

According to the lyrics, it could be that Lori was an ex-girlfriend of Dashie's. Same might appeal to Tina, due to the same reaction.

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