"What up, it's Dashie - and welcome to Life Is Strange-aa! Sh*t-aa! F*ckaa!" - Dashie's first intro for the series


Life Is Strange is a video game produced and published by Dontnod Entertainment and a game that Dashie played for his gaming channel, and becoming so popular there it has actually slowed down the frequency of other gaming videos such as Batman: Arkham Knight and managing to way surpass 100,000 likes on episode 7 of the gaming series (however the exact number cannot be included due to it's frequent change). This resulted in Dashie uploading the rest of the story so far for the game as the next gameplay for tomorrow as he said if his last upload clocked 100,000 likes he would play the rest of the game's story so far as soon as it went passed that 100K limit, which only took a matter of hours, making it a monumental moment in Dashie history.


The plot is very compelling which results in the game's popularity. The plot is told in chapters that are released once or twice a month. It sees the main character Max using her newly discovered powers of time travel to fix mistakes and become a hero in her own ways. She is 18 and attends a college in her home town after moving back from Seattle. She operates her powers on the campus and one of her main goals is to locate a missing student called Rachel Amber, who is a previous friend of Max and also her now-reunited best friend Chloe. She has a vision that a tornado will wipe out the whole town. In the midst of all this, she has to balance protecting Chloe from a dangerous drug dealer, trying to figure out all of the conspiracy happening in the underground network between the principal and a very rich and powerful family, while the son of that same family tries to kill her, why there has been snow, hot weather, and an eclipse at different days in a row, protect Chloe from her angry step-dad and school security guard, work out the better scenario of changing time from years before by looking at pictures, and help a depressed student who has been bullied and drugged at a party, while a fake video of her kissing a lot of boys went viral, and tried to jump off the roof. Being her friend, Max has to stop her. On top of all this, she tries to balance school and her main subject which is photography run by a seemingly cool and kind teacher called Mr Jefferson.

Story So-Far/Ending


So far Max has managed to intelligently resolve most of the issues she is confronted with. However, she recently decides to figure out what happens at the parties Nathan and his family run. They find the body of the missing girl and it turns out she was killed. They find a secret room in a nearby barn and find folders for girls planning to be kidnapped in there, the filled-up folders containing photos of girls drugged at the parties and being forced to pose sexually and perform sexual acts on the person kidnapping them, and usually ending up dead like Amber. The person behind it were planning to have Max's bully, Victoria; kidnapped along with Kate. They storm to the party looking for Nathan to confront him. Two moons appear in the sky before one fades away and disappears.

After being unsuccesful and leaving, Chloe receives a text fron Nathan he is cleaning up the evidence. They don't call the police as the police protect Nathan, not helping to the fact he is a killer and mad with his power.

When they arrive, Chloe is shot and Max is drugged, and it is revealed that Nathan is working with Mr Jefferson to kill the various girls, as he walks up to a sedated Max who now cannot rewind time while she is on the floor outside in the dark near the secret room in the barn before the episode ends. The next episode is not out till later next month or September, but the trailer sees the teacher filling up a needle while Max cries for mercy on the distance. Fans believe she will use the photo she took with Warren earlier that night to go back in time and prevent her and Chloe getting into danger.


  • The game uses the same game engine "UnReal Engine" as Outlast.