"I ain't fuckin' with the poh-lice, man!" - Dashie to JD during a GTA Online gameplay after getting a wanted level.

GTA Cops
Two officers enjoying a latte.
Vital statistics
Position Antagonistic organization
Age Founded in 1889
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height Varies
Weight Varies


The LSPD are the police force in the game GTA V. They appear when the player commits a crime. Depending on the severity of the crime(s) the player commits, the more aggressive they will get. They do not operate in the game's fictional area of Blaine County. Instead, the job of upholding the law in Blaine County is the Los Santos County Sheriffs job.

They are called the LSPD because the game is set in the fictional city of Los Santos, and is supposed to resemble Los Angeles. Their full name is the Los Santos Police Department. They are very aggressive and will not hesitate to shoot the player if the player flees the crime scene or has done something bad enough to warrant lethal force. They will use more equipment and take more drastic measures the more wanted the player is (i.e: the higher of a wanted level they have). The wanted level in the game is measured in stars on-screen from one to five. The police can be lost if the player isn't arrested or killed, though this takes longer and is difficult with a high wanted level. Therefore, Dashie rarely manages to survive against or lose the cops very often.


  • Vehicles for pursuits/roadblocks. Roadblocks occur at three stars or
  • Armoured vehicles that deploy stingers.
  • Standard pistols.
  • Pump shotguns.
  • M6 Carbine Rifles (rare).
  • Huge, black and fully armoured vehicles that contain Super Heavy Armour inside and take up the whole road (very rare, four stars or above).
  • Light armour.


  • Dashie seems to be more wary of the police in the game than before, and regularly runs away from them rather than fighting them. He very rarely reaches four stars, and has only reached five stars on two occasions, and both of which he was invincible in the game due to cheats or mods.
  • While playing GTA V once, an officer screamed: 'YOU'RE SCREWED!' at the player, causing Dashie to burst out laughing. Dashie put the aggressiveness down to the fact that the officer hasn't gotten the raise he feels he deserves.
  • Some officers are seen smoking outside police stations. Dashie seems to be against smoking and will attack pedestrians smoking in the game, but so far hasn't attacked the LSPD in the game for this exact reason.
  • Officers will deploy stingers, roadblocks, helicopters or even a special National Office of Security Enforcement (NOOSE) team, (which resemble SWAT teams from real life) if the player has done something bad enough. The equipment is deployed at three stars to above, and the NOOSE ground teams at four stars or above. NOOSE always operate the helicopters and shoot at the players with M6 Carbine Rifles from the air.
  • While escaping four stars with JD in a GTA Online gameplay a long while back, Dashie and his character experienced an unknown glitch where an alive officer was sitting calmly in the police car Dashie was driving, despite both of the protagonist's wanted levels and erratic driving (Dashie continuously crashed the vehicle attempting to escape NOOSE units in the Hollywood Hills spin-off, Vinewood Hills). During this mission the two were playing, Dashie's character was shot to death and Dashie as a player had to spectate JD successfully losing the cops due to his character being out of lives. Dashie did not leave this footage in his original gameplay, but JD kept it in his. In this gameplay Dashie and JD re-played the same mission over and over until they finally succeeded, and they both failed by their character's dying in the game over and over from preventable reasons.
  • Dashie claims that the LSPD have lice on their heads, "and bullets".