Isabelle AKA "Puppy Bitch" is one of Dashie's home-girls. She kinda likes it when he calls her cute, and she doesn't like it when Dashie thinks that she was twerking when it's obvious that she was throwing fireballs in Mario Kart 8 in the Bell Cup. Isabelle makes an appearance in "PUPPY B#TCH IS A FLIRT YALL! [MARIO KART 8]".

Her main rival is Cat Peach, and she really hates Isabelle because she thinks that she's the only animal in Mario Kart 8. Isabelle also has a couple of guys flirting with her, like Yoshi and Luigi. She's cool with Yoshi, But Luigi kinda creeps her out when he leaned and looked at her.

Dashie has wondered how old Isabelle is, when it obvious, she looks like a thirteen-year-old.