'How To Sit Down' is the first video created and uploaded to the public by Dashie (Charlie Guzman.) It was first uploaded to his Nahson channel in early 2010 before being uploaded to his newly created YouTube channel, 'DashieXP' on the 16 March, 2010.

Plot and Storyline

The video is based for comedy, revolving around a tutorial around how to sit down in a joking manner, with a fake advertisement for Charlie's 'How to Sit Down' training disc set (in the style of a workout training disc set.) The video includes humorous examples of a person (acted by Charlie) failing to sit down, and the correct way to sit down. In total, the disc set costs a total of easy 2,093 payments of $7.82 + $3,000 ($3,007.82). Free gifts include:

  • An old-ass toothbrush
  • Nail clippers
  • Measuring tape
  • Pink coat hangar
  • Pre-melted candle
  • An empty bottle of water


There was an extremely good reception in this video, including a massive, unprecedented subscriber spike, good comments and a lot of views, encouraging Dashie to upload more videos on YouTube. After a good year on YouTube, Dashie opened another channel called 'Dashiegames'.