Grand Theft Auto V (Series)
Artwork of the in-game criminals: Franklin (right) and Michael (left) plotting a daring heist to pay back a mafia boss.
Season (Grand Theft Auto V), Episode N/A
Vital statistics
Air date 17 September 2013 - Present
Written by Improvision by Dashie (Charlie Guzman)
Directed by Charlie Guzman
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"What up - it's Dashie, and welcome to Grand Theft Auto V...I know it's five. I'm not stupid... a little bit." Dashie's opening for his first video in the Grand Theft Auto V series

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Series Details

Grand Theft Auto V is a series of gameplays for the DashieGames channel, of the action-adventure game where three very different criminals are brought together and get up to all sorts of different antics in a city resembling Los Angeles, named Los Santos. The player is equipped with guns, customised cars, body armour, lethal melee weapons, a prostitution service, access to provate dances and explosives at the expense of money. Each character also has a smartphone to interact with. Many items can be stolen and people on the streets can be brutally and violently killed, and robberies in missions or free-roam are taken place to get the cash rolling in. These characters are called Franklin, Mike and Trevor and all get wound up with the federal agencies, rich C.E.O's, private armies and mafia bosses. It should be noted that if the player commits a crime or annoys the police force, the in-game cops will come and try to take down the player, resulting in the players choice to shoot them out or get away, as well as gangs or aggressive civilians attacking you if you annoy or attack them. All NPCs on the streets of the city and surrounding desert can be interacted with, and the player can steal their cars.

Dashie's progression and storyline understanding of the best-selling action adventure game is slow, and he regularly just messes around and kills Bus Drivers. He now plays it on PC, and uploads on some Fridays.


  • At the early stages of the series, a lot of fans were nagging at Dashie to do missions, and some were nagging at him to just mess around, leaving Dashie confused as to what to do in the videos. He decided to just do both in one half to please everybody, because, as Dashie puts it: "It's about uhhss..." However, fans still couldn't be pleased.
  • In Spring and Summer 2014, GTA V videos were so rare Dashie even admitted not remembering some of the buttons when he began playing again.
  • The 6th video of Dashie's GTA V video list, "SO MANY FAILS! GTAV (CHAOS)" has exceeded 8,000,000 views, resulting in immature children hating on his video. Comments and arguments are still being made to this day, despite the fact the video being uploaded in November 2013 and Dashie was quite different in terms of personality back then, too.
  • Many children still believe it is plausible for Dashie to play on old-gen GTA Online with them, and them only.
  • His Xbox 360 character is the most advanced GTA Online character he has, because when Dashie used it, he was calmer and paid more attention to the game, as well as being more interested.