"I'm Dashie's #1 fan!" - Gianna Rossi

About Edit

Gianna Rossi is a teenage girl who most likely lives in an English-speaking country, although her name suggests she is from Italian or European descent. She is an incredible loyal fan of Dashie, appearing in the top comments in almost every Dashie video to date. She is around 15-16 years old and has made her own YouTube videos on style and makeup, much like big YouTubers like Zoella or JennaMarbles. She is so well known from her regular appearance in Dashie's comments section, her subscriber count has spiked up by about 1,500 subscribers.

Trivia Edit

  • "Gianna" is a feminised and Latinised version of John.
  • It also can mean: "the Lord is gracious".
  • She is online friends with Instagramrr.

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