"Looking like Gucci Mane..." - Dashie's first impression


Franklin Clinton is a major character in the game Grand Theft Auto V that Dashie rarely plays as a series or for just something to keep his audience entertained for his gaming channel. Interestingly, despite Dashie forgetting key game information in the game he plays, he has not forgotten the names of the three protagonists, including Franklin.


As a child, Franklin's dad ran off while his mother died prematurely as a crack addict. He was left a house his mother had in her will, along with his aunt, who he lived with for the rest of his childhood. After being kicked out of high school for beating up a teacher, he decided to pursue the gangster lifestyle. Later on as a young adult, he is still living in the house with his aunt and is growing tired off gangbanging and running fraudulent car sales with Lamar and Simeon, as he feels he is wasting his life and getting nowhere. Simeon, the car dealer entrepreneur, asks him one day to repossess a car in the residential area based off of Beverly Hills. The car belongs to a retired bank robber, Michael, on witness protection thanks to a deal with some corrupt federal agents, who had everyone Michael knew beforehand think is dead after a botched bank heist, resulting in him running away with his family and changing his name while one of his crew members died and was placed in Micheal's fake grave, the other one runs off but shows up later in the game, oblivious to the deal with the Feds. Bored and depressed, and missing the criminal lifestyle, Michael agrees to mentor Franklin after they meet on edgy terms, resulting in Franklin and Lamar getting fired after but Franklin thinking his wishes have come true. They both start getting up to no good throughout the city, resulting in a Mexican mafia boss coming after them, demanding money; meaning Micheal and Franklin must prepare a heist to make some dough.

While all this is going down, a former gangster the gang Franklin is affiliated with, is released from prison and tries to concut a plan with an enemy gang to get rid of Franklin and Lamar, after hearing about Franklin and Lamar's schemes to try to get to the top of the criminal underworld and form their own gang: Forum Gangsters. The former gangster, Stretch, tries to kill them by setting them up while acting innocent in every situation. This is deduced by the end of the game.

The heist for the money for the Mexican mafia is done, but it shown on the news, where a traffic warden quotes Michael after running into him, making the meth-addicted and insane Trevor, the other crew member who ran off, recognise him and he starts to lose it. He ties up loose ends he has in the desert not far from the in-game city of Los Santos, based of L.A, and leaves to find Michael. He eventually finds him, crashing in a friend's cousin's apartment during his time in Los Santos. Meanwhile, the Feds get the three criminals to work together because Michael coming into action is drawing suspicion, all the while Michael is feeling terrible after his family temporarily abandon him. Franklin works with Trevor to steal cars for an extravagant billionaire. This goes on for a while, until Trevor kidnaps the Mexican mafia leader's wife, meaning Michael and Trevor have to lay low in the desert. They pay the corrupt Feds with some money taken from a local bank to fund a new score for them, and then pay the Mexican mafia boss with an ancient artefact. The heists involving funding for people they are in trouble with are led by Lester, a hacker who Franklin befriends.

After being reinstated into the city, and doing a chemical weapon heist for the Feds, a data erasing heist for the Feds, and a final massive gold bricks heist, the trio decide to tie up loose ends and take out various liabilities, including the billionaire who did not pay them for stealing the cars. They all also meet different people and do stuff for them as well. They then manipulate the stock market resulting in massive profits, and they live a happy ending.


  • Franklin is 28.
  • Franklin's Dad might (unlikely) be CJ from GTA: San Andreas, but they are from a different universe of GTA games, so it cannot be plausible.