"I be killing it here!" - Dashie



An overview look on the Excitebike Arena track.

'Excitebike Arena' is a race track in the Mario racing game: Mario Kart 8, which Dashie regularly plays for his gaming channel. It is a DLC track which Dashie is very good at. The reason Dashie excels in the track is because he performs stunts at most of the slopes and jumps, giving him a boost on the ground; meanwhile, the opponents Dashie is racing are not hitting every jump and aren't getting the extra boost that they could get. Dashie also keeps an item behind his kart for protection against others, but even if he gets hit with a something, such as a Blue Shell, he is so far ahead it barely makes a difference. Dashie is very confident in this track and he even manages to overlap some of the other racers occasionally.