"That motherf*cker cheesing it!?" - Dashie reacting to Donkey Kong grinning madly when passing him in Mario Kart 8.

Donkey Kong aka Donkey Bitch-Ass is the main antagonist on Dashie's gaming channel, DashieGames. He also serves as Dashie's archenemy in his gameplays.


Donkey Kong
The face of the enemy
Vital statistics
Position Major Antagonist
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 186 cm
Weight 363 kg

Donkey Kong, AKA: "Donkey-Bitch-Ass" is an opponent the player, can play as or race against (along with other characters) in the game Mario Kart 8, or other Mario Kart games. Donkey Kong is hated by Dashie due to his actions within the game. Donkey Kong will usually beat Dashie at the very last minute, just as Dashie is coming up to the final stretch in a race, usually when he is in the higher places such as third, second or even first. Donkey Kong would also make fun of Dashie within the highlight reels after a certain track is complete, by pulling faces and other certain looks that frustrate Dashie.

During the Mario Kart 8 play through, Dashie played as Donkey Kong due to high demand from fans, in the episode "THIS DON'T FEEL RIGHT! [PAUSE] [MARIO KART 8]". In this episode, Dashie equips Donkey Kong with a very small bike belonging to Yoshi, so he and his fans can humiliate him.

In one of his gameplays, Dashie picks Donkey Kong once again. He also calls Donkey Kong "ma boy". Out of 4 races, he placed 4th, 1st, 1st, and 2nd, resulting in 1st overall

One of the theories between his hatred to Dashie is that Dashie hasn't played "Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze" in a high minute. Another theory is that in Mario Kart 8, the character the player chooses have certain enemies that become problems in the races, for example: if the player picks Mario, then Bowser becomes a problem for them.

Donkey Kong can be considered to be the primary antagonist of Dashie's gameplays. He was once seen in a Geometry Dash gameplay, as well as appearing in most Mario Party gameplays, too.


  • In the episode "REACTING TO MY OLD GAMING VIDEOS #02!" Dashie admitted that he and Donkey used to be tight. However, it wasn't until Mario Kart 8 that the beef between Dashie and Donkey had occurred, causing him to be Dashie's archenemy for life.
  • According to Dashie, the video "SHE A HATER! [MARIO KART 8]" was when the friendship between the two ended, while "YO F#%K DONKEY! [MARIO KART 8]" was when many considered this to be an official rivalry after Donkey stopped him from winning first place multiple times.