Dennis is Dashie's animator who created many animations for Dashie. He worked with Dashie since September 19, 2012 and his first appearance as well. Dennis is DrawSomeToons's (His Youtube channel) online persona.

Dennis appears through numerous occasions. Charlie (Dashie) interacts with him through multiple instances where he asks him to do small favors for him. Dennis appears a bit laid-back and loves sitting and browsing through his phone and is shown to be unemployed.

AKA DraweSomeToons
Vital statistics
Position Animator/Roommate
Age Mid/Late 20's
Status Male (Dashie's animated fictional roommate)
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


Dashie - Dashie treats him bitterly but there are times where he can show compassion over Dennis. Dennis usually gets Dashie into a financial sinkhole by constantly screwing with him due to his laziness. Dennis always forgets things that Dashie specially tells him not to do.

When Charlie first met him in dXp: BARNEY RETURNS! EP#01, Dennis dressed up as Barney to make a "good icebreaker" in attempt to introduce himself better. On the contrary, Dashie wasn't amused with Dennis giving him strict house rules that mostly tie around him having little to almost no access to his refrigerator.

In OMFG! ZOMBIES!! (Cartoon) [EP#02], Dennis wakes Dashie up half-naked in his bed informing him that a zombie apocalypse is underway. However, Dennis was equipped with a pistol. Knowing this, Dashie took his gun by swapping it for a Q-tip. Afterwards when they both encountered a small handful of zombies downstairs, Dashie missed almost all his shots point-blank. Dennis, on the other hand, took out most of the zombies with convenient household items. Unfortunately Dennis used Dashie's iPhone 5 as a weapon ultimately destroying his phone. Dashie became enraged shortly after, but alleviated his anger after Slenderman offered him an iPhone 5.1.

In SLENDER MAN CHRISTMAS! (CARTOON) EP# 03, Dashie was excited for Christmas and later asked Dennis if he is keeping track of the mail. Dennis starts to chuckle hesitantly which indirectly notified that getting the mail wasn't his part of the job. Knowing that bills have never arrived, Dashie raged silently in his mind, but didn't want to spoil Christmas so he could receive gifts from Santa. Later on, Dennis told Dashie that he tied a "home intruder" which was later revealed to be Santa. Dashie happily told Dennis to "deliver the rest of Santa's gifts" to the rest of the world.

In DATE NIGHT! EP#04 (CARTOON), Dashie gave Dennis abrupt news that his date will come over for dinner. Dennis throughout the episode keeps coming out from his room visibly giving himself off to Dashie's date. Dashie became furious through his antics. After the date, Dashie finds out that he was making love to his date and threw a live grenade into their bedroom. Mortified, Dashie found out that his date had a twin sister. (Mistakenly killed her twin sister.)

Deniis holu

Dennis calming Charlie (Dashie) down before notifying that he is his new roommate in Ep.1.


Dennis's side channel (Drawsometoons Germany) and his DeviantArt says he is full German.


Dennis (Left) listening to Charlie's (Dashie) anticipation over his Christmas gifts in Ep. 3 .


Dennis emotionally distraught after mentioning to Charlie (Dashie) that he never really invites him to places in Ep. 4.

Dennis is supposed to pay his share of the rent on the first day of every month.

Dashie barred Dennis any access to anything in the fridge. (Even though he labels the food belonging to him.)

Dennis's room is upstairs, second door to the left of the house.

Dennis's favorite weapon is the Q-tip in OMFG! ZOMBIES!! (Cartoon) [EP#02] and it made a re-occurence in GHETTO RPG! (CARTOON) wielding a large Q-tip staff.