This is the dictionary dedicated to define the unfamiliar words/phrases used by Dashie.

(Please add more words so we can educate newcomers!)

  • Orenge - The color orange
  • 6FT - pronounced (SIX-IFTH) Six , but pronounced as "sixifth" like "fifth"
  • Original recipe - meaning that someone is "screwed"

Example: That's when his ass knew he was original recipe!

  • Torn - he is unable to choose something
  • Mah bois - A positive phrase used in replacement of the common African-American vernacular "My Niggas" to be applied to viewers of different or all races, rather than those that are Black Example: MAH BOIS!!!!
  • Diugh - pronounced (DI-ILLUGH) meaning "dick", "penis"

Example: Babygirl want the diugh?

  • Puh - meaning vulgar slang "pussy" Example: I FINALLY GET THE PUH!
  • Babygirl - addressed upon seeing an attractive female


  • Mouf - (MOU-FH) refers to the mouth Example: HE BETTER CLOSE DAT MOUF!
  • Starrah - (star-ruh) referring to Starman from the Super Mario Brothers series. Example: BITCH GET THAT STARRAH!
  • Chiughs - (CH-UGHS) meaning chips

Example: Can I get a bag of chiughs, bag bag bag of chiughs

PAUSE -1. a term used when a male says something that can be considered "gay" or "sexual"

2. When something can be considered sexual or gay


STOP!!! - what Dashie says when he gets off topic

Shits - Used to replace words that Dashie doesn't feel like saying or just for comedic purposes.

Example: Look into my shitz.

Tronshed - Used whenever he gets hit and powered down in Mario games.

Example: I wanna get tronshed, but I can't!

bitch ass- used when a antagonist appears.

Example: donkey bitch ass!!!


  • DA DA DAAAAA - (Happy Wheels episodes) The sound imitated by the victory platform theme


Also said at times where he thinks he got a victory, in a nervous tone of voice

  • SWOOP SWOOP - (Happy Wheels episodes) What Dashie calls the wreaking ball

Example: Here comes the Swoop Swoop!

  • YEAAHTAWN - sometimes unintelligible, a sound made when Dashie makes his character jump from one place to another

Example: I gotta jump over this? YEAAHTAWN!

  • THREEP - a sound made by Mario before every Super Mario Maker level where Dashie reads a corny, yet funny comment submitted through YouTUbe comments, or Twitter
  • TAKATAKATAKA - referring to the one up in Mario
  • DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH, HOOOES - Dashie shouts this after getting a moon in Super Mario Odyssey
  • Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding-referring to a P switch in Mario
  • Homing shits- referring to a bull's-eye bill (homing bullet)

Example: Watch out for the homing shitz!

  • FUH- another way of saying f*ck

Example: fuh that, Fuh that, fuh that fuh that puh!