DashieXP is Charlie Guzman's main channel where he uploads animations, sketches; and funny comedy videos ranging in all sorts of situations infrequently (around once or twice a month) for fun. His videos on average end up with between 900,000 to 2,000,000+ views. As of Saturday 11th of July, his channel has around 1,250,000 subscribers.


  • The XP on the end of the channel's name was derived from the software released by Windows: Windows XP.
  • The DashieGames channel has surpassed the amount of subscribers the DashieXP channel has as of last spring.
  • The frequency of his uploading has decreased as time has gone on. Now a video is uploaded around every month or so, probably due to how busy Dashie is nowadays with his gaming channel and real life, and the effort he puts in each video he uploads.
  • Although Charlie works hard, he is sometimes criticised about how this channel and Dashie in general isn't the same as it used to be anymore.
  • His very first video on the channel, originally uploaded to Nahson; was called How To Sit Down and can be viewed here. It was uploaded on March 16th, 2010 and is 5 years old.