"I guess my Dr DRE Headphones need a doctor... today..." - Dashie

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Dashie wears his blue headphones.


Dashie's Blue Beats By Dre Headphones were worn by Dashie for every one of his gameplays which had face-cam up until after [HILARIOUS! THIS F#%KING RAGE GONNA KILL ME!! [SUPER MARIO MAKER] [#34].] In the gameplay that followed the next day: 'WORST F#%KING COWBOY EVER LOL [CALL OF JUAREZ: GUNSLINGER',] Dashie explains that one of the speakers in the headphones stopped working due to when he used to toss them up in the air during his intros to a gameplay right before yelling "LETS DO THIS SHIT!", one of his most used catchphrases, in most, if not all of his gameplays before and after the life of these headphones.

Dashie still to this day keeps his old blue headphones on his desk where he records, probably because they are still of some sedimentary meaning to him, as he has worn them for every single one of his gameplays since he created his channel before they broke. He now wears a similar pair of Beats By D.R.E headphones, only in red now.