Dashie Old-Gen GTA Online Character
Vital statistics
Position Criminal
Age Mid-20s
Status Alive, but no longer in use
Physical attributes
Height 6 foot
Weight Average
"Look at me - I've still got on my outfit from K-Mart!" - Dashie describing how his character looks


Between November 2013 and Summer 2014, Dashie had been playing GTA Online infrequently for the Xbox 360, usually playing the most in February 2014 for his gaming channel. The character Dashie used had obviously appeared in all GTA Online videos during said period of time. Unfortunately, Dashie will not use GTA V or GTA Online for the Xbox 360 since his purchased of Grand Theft Auto V's enhanced version for his PS4, and eventually, his PC, meaning the character is left to gather dust and being used again is extremely unlikely (but not impossible).


The character strangely appears to have pale skin, on the contrast to Dashie's much more darker skin. He has black, short hair, and he is always seen with a green t-shirt, tan chinos and brown sneakers. He occasionally sports a body armour vest, and rarely; a green backwards cap. He is never seen wearing anything else.

The character appears to be skinny, but can survive falls easily. However, the character is susceptible to bullets. This may be because the character has a high strength stat from Dashie using it to punch women in the street in-game, but a low Max Health stat, due to the character being a mere Rank 12.


Dashie does not seem to have purchased an apartment for his old-gen character. However, he appears to have some cool weapons.

  • A Knife
  • A Bullpup Rifle with a red tint, extended clip, flashlight and suppressor
  • An Assault Rifle with no attachments
  • A micro-Submachine Gun with an extended clip and flashlight. Appears to be Dashie's weapon of choice, along with the Bullpup Rifle.
  • A Pump-Action Shotgun
  • An old-fashioned Musket with 38 bullets left at disposal
  • A Firework Launcher
  • A Heavy Pistol, SNS Pistol, Combat Pistol and regular Pistol: all with an extended clip and a suppressor.