"Yo, my character... look like he just committed eighteen murders, yo! Look at this shit!" - Dashie


Dashie's GTA Online character for his copy of GTA V on his PS4 is a lot different to his old GTA Online character. Being a Rank 6, it cannot even start lead its own heist missions. This means it can be killed easily, because Dashie rarely plays Online, or GTA V at all for as a series. He tends to avoid GTA Online because of this and he even had to quit the game and play Story Mode because he couldn't figure out how to mute people, another example of Dashie's poor attention to detail.

The character is bald, with darker skin, and sometimes wears a beanie hat, and with a considerable round face with wide cheeks. He always is seen wearing a charcoal t-shirt, grey camo-shorts and some black sneakers. The character can, however, run quite fast, and has a considerable stamina stat, with a decent strength stat due to Dashie's habit of punching women in game.