"You look good!" - Dashie to Dash.

Dash Diugh
Dash Diugh
Dash (left) and Dashie (right),
Vital statistics
Position Character
Age Mid-40's
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'10
Weight 170 lbs

About Edit

Dash Diugh (ring name "the Giant") is a character created by Dashie for the game UFC 2. Dashie uploaded an image of his face in to the game, so Dash and Dashie both have the same face. Dashie says that Dash looks like him if Dashie would be "fifteen years or so" older. In his gameplays, Dash Diugh fights against Bruce Lee, but is defeated. In his next gameplay, Dash has a rematch with Bruce, losing yet again.

Tired of losing, Dashie makes Dash Diugh fight another Dash Diugh, so that whichever Dash wins, Dash still wins. The Dash controlled by Dashie loses, but Dashie has no hard feelings, since Dash won.

Dash's surname "Diugh" is a reference to the word that Dashie typically uses as a substitute for "penis" or "dick".

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