"You getting your sh*t back early, Chris..." - Dashie


Chris is an unseen fan of the DashieGames channel and Dashie. He is an extremely loyal and long-term fan of Dashie, even to the point of working hard to set up Dashie for the final level of Super Mario 3D World for Dashie to play, as well as sending expensive items through post to Dashie.


In May 2015, a fan of the DashieGames channel, and the owner of a YouTuber account called CriticalGamer, who's real name is Chris, sent Dashie his Wii U by post with a letter enclosed with a copy of the game Super Mario 3D World, which was completed up to the point of the Champion Levels with all the Stars, Stamps, Lives and Flagpoles. Chris did all of this just to see Dashie complete the last level and rage out. Dashie did in fact tried the last level but it was too much for him. He then uploaded a video of him reacting to someone completing the rest of the final level and after that the series was pretty much done, but he does rarely come back to it every now and again.


  • Chris has a YouTube channel called CriticalGamer.
  • Controversy arose when people starting taking credit for Chris's actions and pretending to be him, when they clearly weren't.