"Ha-ha-ha-ha!" - Chester

"Woah! NO!" - Dashie

Chester is an enemy encountered in the indie video game Emily Wants to Play.

Vital statistics
Position Antagonist
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 1 foot
Weight N/A

About Edit

Chester is an antagonist in the game. When he appears, he makes his signature cackle ("Ha-ha-ha-haa!") and charges at the player. To avoid him, the player must go into another room, but he has to do it immediately, since Chester is very fast. If Chester catches the player, it will result in a game over.

Description Edit

Chester is a dummy with a black suit, gray trousers and black shoes. He has brown hair and seems to have a skull-like shaped face. Out of the three toy enemies Chester, Mr Tatters (The Clown) and Kiki (Giggles), Chester is by far the most human looking.

Trivia Edit

  • Dashie dislikes Chester the most out of all the enemies in Emily Wants to Play. He mentions that "he makes me nervous."

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