"You driving the bus to heaven, bitch!" - Dashie before murdering a Bus Driver

Bus Drivers
A Bus Driver held at gunpoint by Trevor in a thumbnail for a Grand Theft Auto V video: 'BUS DRIVER REVENGE! GTA 5 MADNESS'
Vital statistics
Position Public Transport Drivers/Hazards/Indirect Antagonists
Age Ranging from 24 - 46
Status Most are alive, a good few are dead
Physical attributes
Height Varying
Weight Varying


Bus Drivers are one of Dashie's most well-known enemies on his gaming channel. The enemy appears in 'Grand Theft Auto V' one of Dashie's most popular series. They are NPCs in the game, seen driving around and transporting other citizens throughout the city. Dashie's preferred method of killing these drivers is to shoot them with a gun while they are inside their bus. However, this can prove difficult, as their usual reaction is to run the player over.


(Please note that when Dashie's actions are listed, they are referring to his actions in the game, and not in real-life).

On Thanksgiving 2013, (November 28th, 2013) Dashie uploaded a video for his Grand Theft Auto V series, called: 'EXPLOSIONS! GTAV MADNESS!' Playing as Franklin, Dashie got in his default car and started to drive around, making jokes about Thanksgiving and discussing how you have to eat a lot of turkey even if you're on a diet, then the person who serves the meal gets offended when you don't eat a lot of it. At about 50 seconds into the video, Dashie purposely crashed into a tram driver for no apparent reason. Wondering if he could hijack it, Dashie parked in front of it, predicting correctly that it would stop. He tried to hijack it, before realising he couldn't, getting his pistol out and trying to shoot the driver dead. After the driver ran him over, Dashie tried to kill him, getting his car destroyed in the process. He tried to murder him again before getting killed.

In the next Grand Theft Auto V episode, 'BUS DRIVER REVENGE! GTA 5' (uploaded December 4th, 2013) Dashie was getting chased by cops as Trevor before crashing into a bus driver. Forgetting it was a Tram Driver that killed him before, he said: "Oh, a bus driver. Oh, you remember from the last episode? Y'all remember from the last one? These motherfuckers are no joke!" After a failed attempt to kill him, Dashie got killed by the cops and walked out of hospital around the 20 minutes and 30 second mark in the video. As soon as he did so, he bumps into an orange bus. To his surprise, he states: "Oh, look at that! Look at that!" Pulling out his assault rifle, he started firing almost a whole round before getting run over by the shocked driver. "Oh my god, he is running me the fuck over." Dashie said. The orange bus got away but Dashie managed to kill one passenger. He eventually killed a bus driver of a cherry red bus using a sniper rifle. He then read and paid attention to his comments on that video, which mostly talked about how that it was a Tram Driver that killed him that one time, so he shot dead a tram driver in a later episode uploaded on December 27th, 2013 called 'WALKING ON WATER!? O_O GTA 5 [MADNESS'.] He successfully killed the Tram Driver with an assault rifle with Trevor's special abilities on, stating: "Revenge is so damn sweet!" He then proceeded to kill everyone doing public services NPC in each episode of the game from there. (EG: Attack-A-Taco Drivers, Bus Drivers, Truck Drivers, Postmen).


When at gunpoint most bus-drivers will reverse to get out the way of the players line of fire, or run the player over. If the player hijacks a bus while the driver is alive when the player is unarmed, he might try to retrieve it and fight the player. They are difficult for Dashie to kill, especially when the in-game cops are after him.


  • There is a glitch where if a bus is left on its own in the game after being driven by the player, passengers and a new driver will spawn in the bus.