"Bop-It to start!" - Bop-It

"Hell no!" - Dashie


Bop-It 3 is a 3-minute length, short YouTube skit uploaded by Dashie to the DashieXP channel. It was uploaded to the public on February 20th, 2014. It is the third video of the Bop-It series.


Dashie comes downstairs on the phone to find a Bop-It on his table. The Bop-It exclaims "Bop-It to start!". In a fit of rage, Dashie decides to simply throw away the toy. After a funny scene involving Dashie throwing out the toy and a conversation with his neighbour, Dashie comes in to find another Bop-It inside his house again. After his is about to throw the toy out again yet another Bop-It appears, this time a very new and modern version of the toy. Dashie tries to play the toy but fails multiple times and rages. He claims it's a "white people's thing" and tries to get a white friend to play it. After even he cannot complete it Dashie tries a couple more times before attempting to kill the toy by leaving it on the train tracks. However, the toy knocks him out and leaves him on the tracks unconscious, with the train coming just as Dashie wakes up.

Popularity and Criticism

By Spring 2015 the video surpassed the 1 million views mark, making it a fairly average video for Dashie in terms of popularity.

Because of Dashie's use of the "white people's thing" joke, a lot of people started flaming up in the comments section that Dashie was being borderline racist, even though it was just meant as a harmless joke.