Batman: Arkham Knight
PS4 Box Art
Released June 23, 2015
Recorded Release Date
Length 14 Hours
Label PS4, Xbox One, PC
Producer Rocksteady Games
Batman: Arkham Knight is a video game released for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. It is the final title to the Arkham series, which are Batman games usually set mainly in the setting of a prison or an open world Gotham and mostly revolve around the events of their previous instalments. Dashie is a fan of the Arkham series and has played and uploaded gameplays of two series instalments (Arkham Origins and Arkham City) but has never completed either two games. Dashie is now currently playing and hoping to complete Batman: Arkham Knight.


After the events of Batman: Arkham City, Batman is continuing his superhero work in Gotham as usual when Scarecrow (a villain that uses a fear toxin to give people scary hallucinations that usually lead to people panicking to death) threatens the city he will create a gas of incredibly strong fear toxin using a device called the Cloudburst he will flood the entire city and more with it. The city is evacuated apart from the police, major criminals and thugs, and Batman has to stop Scarecrow. In the midst of all this, a villain named the Arkham Knight creates a military force to capture, torture and kill Batman, along with other villains trying to wreck havoc and harass him.


  • Dashie is extremely enthusiastic about this Arkham instalment. He hopes to complete it despite it's tiny flaws and length. He stopped playing some Arkham games such as City and Origins because Warner Brothers' were taking his money from his video's views away from him, but he stilled enjoyed both games.
  • It is revealed that Dashie has played and probably completed the first instalment from 2009: (Batman: Arkham Asylum) from when he sees a character named Officer Cash in his first Arkham Knight gameplay, he remarks: "Ehh, it's Cash! Yo, that motherf*cker has been through a lot." However, no gameplays from this game have been uploaded to the DashieGames channel (most likely because his gaming channel was created two years after Arkham Asylum's initial release).