"He look like he got a lot on his mind, y'all..." - Dashie


Batman in some Batman: Arkham Asylum box art
Vital statistics
Position Vigilante/Technology Producer
Age 46
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 6'3"
Weight 210 lbs

Batman is a fictional character and superhero created by Detective Comics. His real name is Bruce Wayne and he is a billionaire who uses his riches to fight crime in the crime-ridden city of Gotham. He is trained to the point of physical and mental perfection, having no superpowers but his peaked human skills. He uses the money he has to purchase technology to help him in his fight against crime, such as the armoured Batmobile and an armoured Batsuit, Detective Mode to help him see hidden enemies, solve crimes and work out strategies, among other pieces of equipment that are all developed by his friend and company partner Lucius Fox.

He uses the dark shadows to resemble who he is and to make criminals fear him. He can be very intimidating to his enemies and uses his ninja and stealth training, along with his armour; to break and smash the bones of the criminals he fights against and to avoid him getting hurt. His billionaire parents were gunned down in front of him during an alleyway mugging when he was just 8 years old; making him vow to seek vengeance from the criminal world using his dead parents' fortune.


Dashie is a fan of the Batman franchise and owns every game in the Arkham games' series, including the most recent addition, Batman: Arkham Knight. He sees Batman as one of the more cooler and darker superheroes. He is enthusiastic about the Arkham franchise and sometimes plays it for his gaming channel. A recent addition to the list Dashie has played is Batman: The Telltale Series, by Telltale. However, he only usually plays the first half an hour of the games as Warner Brothers take away all of his money accumulated from uploading the videos.


  • Batman tries his best not to kill his enemies.
  • Batman has a sidekick called Robin. There have been multiple Robins in the past, as Batman was led to believe his second sidekick was dead, when in actuality he was being tortured by Batman's old enemy, 'The Joker' in the abandoned asylum across the river from Gotham. The second Robin ended up becoming The Arkham Knight.
  • He also has a sidekick nicknamed Oracle who hacks most of the criminal servers of Gotham to help him fight crime. She used to be regularly out in the field as Bat-Girl but she became disabled after The Joker shot her in the back, being confined to a wheelchair and being unable to use her legs or hips.
  • His speed, stamina, strength and ability to vault and climb is surprisingly similar to Miles Upshur's abilities. However, Miles does not try to fight in his game because the enemies are incredibly tough and are incapable of feeling pain.