Vital statistics
Position Major Antagonist
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6 foot
Weight Unknown
Barney is the main antagonist of Dashie's skit channel, as well as his archenemy alongside Donkey Kong.

About Barney Edit

Barney the Dinosaur, A.K.A Barney, is a gangsta and the archenemy of Dashie. He is safe and friendly when it comes to kids and adults who remember him but aside from that he is also a seriously mean motherf*cker. He likes to use guns and other shooters. His most famous catchphrase is, "Ah Hyak". He is also one of the funniest antagonists in the Dashieverse. The first Barney video on YouTube started on March 17 2011 in a skit called Barney Wants His Money Now !!! by NightmareCinemas, Where Barney was voiced by Dashie. The skit then gone on on Dashie's channel with UNWANTED GUEST! and on DeShawn's channel with the original Snitches Get Stitches. A theory for Dashie choosing Barney as an antagonist for his YouTube series, is that it is humourous and ironic that Barney would act menacing, as he is a well-known and presumably friendly children's TV character.

Physical Appearance Edit

Barney is quite large, especially in height: going at above 6 foot. Because Dashie is a little short, this makes him a lot more intimidating, but otherwise, he is quite cushiony. He resembles a Tyrannosaurus Rex, with a human like face, short arms and a long tail. He is furry, his fur being a mixture of purple and green (an unfortunate combination).

Trivia Edit

  • Barney makes multiple appearances appearing in pixellated form and DrawSomeToons form, but still acted exactly the same
  • Barney also tends to make an appearance on DashieGames a few times. Sometimes also mentioned if not making an appearance.
  • Barney's ACTUAL first appearance ever was on NAHSON! But the video is lost and can only be watched here: BAD BARNEY!

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