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Season - BOP-IT, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date 13th April 2012
Written by Charlie Guzman
Directed by Charlie Guzman
Episode guide
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Summary Edit

'Bop It' originated as a comedy skit episode uploaded on the DashieXP channel. It involves, as the name suggest, Charlie G's attempt to play with the famous 'Bop It!' toy. In the description, Dashie recalled his fans wanted him to make an episode with the 'Bop It!' toy, so he kept his word. Currently, the episode has over a million views. Following the first video, there are two others that were uploaded, with the same plot, but with different scenarios. Dashie ends up getting so frustrated he throws the toy in the dumpster, only to return home find the toy sitting there with a gun pointed at him, as well as a grenade strapped to itself. The toy shoots him, and the episode ends.

Dashie shouts random noises or curses through the speakers when the toy demands him to 'Shout It!'.

Trivia Edit

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