"What's up, B?" - Dashie talking to his dog


BB is Dashie's (Charlie Guzman) pet chihuahua/mascot. She is usually very lazy and laid-back, resembling her owner. She does not appear in a lot of videos as she is mostly away on a couch or bed somewhere sleeping.


BB is very relaxed and is shown to be regularly sleepy and lazy. When awake and active, she will usually stare at Dashie, observing him and pulling hilarious faces. She is sometimes mentioned in a video if she is nearby, for instance if she is staring at Dashie and he notices while recording a gameplay or if Dashie mentions she is sick.

If BB is wondering around aimlessly when she is nearby Dashie, she will sometimes be picked up and held towards the camera. However, this seems to irritate her (as observed by her facial expressions) as she most likely just wants to go back to sleeping around. She very rarely can be seen or mentioned to be sleeping on Dashie's lap while he is live or pre-recording.

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