"Hold on, I'm trying to attack a taco!" - Dashie



These drivers can sometimes be violent towards the player.

Attack-a-Taco Drivers are non-playable characters in Grand Theft Auto V, a game developed by Rockstar. They drive around the streets driving their taco franchise's trucks, looking for potential customer, similar to an ice cream man. Usually, when Dashie plays GTA V for his gaming channel, he finds these drivers and tries to kill them, along with train and bus drivers.

Dashie has developed a habit of killing these drivers in GTA V, which started after he attempted to kill one of these drivers without success in one gameplay.


  • These drivers are quite violent, and will fight the player if the player damages their vehicle. They will leave the car to fight, which can irritate Dashie as he prefers to kill them while they are in the truck.
  • Once, Dashie shocked the truck driver and caused him to drive along the pavement in desperation to escape, causing the driver to hit a pedestrian with their truck. The pedestrian ran up to the door and pulled the driver out the truck to fight the driver, or steal the truck in anger.