"What... Dashie... 3022..." - Dashie opening a rap for his mixtape if he decides the music is fire or is bumping.


3022 is the year that Dashie's mixtape is bout to drop (and it's gonna be lit). That's as long as the whole world is still around by then. If humanity is living capably in such a year, then hopefully they will dig up an iPhone or something and see Dashie and his albums, which will give them an insight to our way of life back then, and release all of his rap songs, like: 'Milk, Cookies, Soda, Chips' (which will probably be first on the playlist). Dashie likes to exaggerate things as part of his sense of humour, such as spelling and statistics. He said his mixtape would drop in 3022 in one Spider-Man: Web of Shadows gameplay while rapping to the games music, as he needed a year far in the future. The year 3022 came into mind randomly, and the idea stuck.